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Southeastern Illinois College Welcomes Matthew Jennings to the Falcon Archers


Staff | 4/10/2024


Southeastern Illinois College is excited to announce the signing of Matthew Jennings to the SIC Falcon Archers, the college's esteemed archery team. Jennings, a student at Harris County High School in Hamilton, Georgia, brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for archery to the team.

"I feel SIC is going to be fairly homey," said Matthew Jennings. "It’s surrounded by pretty country that I’m sure will remind me of Harris County."

Head Archery Coach Ricky Sauls praised Jennings's dedication and drive, stating, "Matthew is a student that is very driven and will not be happy until he has achieved his best. I think he is going to be a technical shooter. He won’t be happy just doing good; he will want to know why. Matthew is always thinking outside the box and trying to figure out ways to improve everything around him."

During his time at Harris County High School, Jennings has been involved in various activities, including Marching and Concert band, Theater, and Robotics. He is also an Eagle Scout, demonstrating his commitment to excellence and community service.

Matthew has been shooting archery since he was 5 years old but has not gotten into competition archery until now. He plans to major in Diesel Technology at SIC, reflecting his interest in mechanics and hands-on work.

Annsley Wright, one of Matthew's teachers, shared, "I taught Matthew in both 9th and 12th grade, and the maturity he has experienced over the years was immediately obvious. I enjoyed many conversations with Matthew in class, and he was always one to put forth 100% efforts." Wright went on to share her favorite memories of having Jennings in class along with some well-wishes, "One of my core memories is watching Matthew solve a Rubik's cube in record time, which is sure to be a great party trick wherever he goes. I'm really proud of the dedication he has put forth to archery because he really seems to love it, and I hope he genuinely enjoys every minute of his time in college."

Ryan Freeman, another teacher, shared a quote, "The history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind, and nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow."

The addition of Matthew Jennings to the SIC Falcon Archers further solidifies the team's reputation as a competitive force in collegiate archery. The team, which began as a small pilot program in 2011, has since won national awards against Division I universities, expanded to include an indoor facility and indoor team, and regularly hosts high school tournaments. The Falcon Archers are proud members of USA Archery and ASA Archery.

For more information about SIC’s Archery team and facilities, visit or contact Ricky Sauls at or 618-252-5400, ext. 2248.